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THE BEST COMPETITION CABLE - The 1.8 mm Velites competition cable is especially designed for functional athletes and competitions. Paired with the Fire 2.0 functional rope you will be able to increase your marks while competing. It is also a great help for triple-unders.

DURABILITY AND SPEED - At Velites we qualify this rope with a low durability and a very high speed. Please use it on non-abrasive surfaces. This competition cable is particularly sensitive on abrasive surfaces.

FOR ALL HEIGHTS - The cable has a total length of 3.5m. It matches every type of person and heights, including those who are over 2 meters. Just use pliers to adjust and cut correctly.

SAFETY ACCESSORY ITEMS - The cable has various accessory items for safer jumps. The protective rubber caps prevent from hurting yourself with the steel cable and the safety hooks avoid that the cable slips by accident.

DESIGNED FOR THE FIRE 2.0 JUMP ROPE - This cable is designed to be used with Fire 2.0 rope.

Velites Competition cable 1.8 mm for Jump Rope Fire 2.0

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