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Designed for athletes who demand versatility, comfort and durability

Chalk-free Efficiency and Chalk-Compatible: Revolutionizing grip technology, the ALL TERRAIN hand grips are designed for optimal performance WITHOUT CHALK. Even so, these grips maintain their performance excellence on surfaces with chalk.

Designed for versatility: The new ALL TERRAIN grips excel on any surface making them perfect for both rough and smooth bars. Their innovative 2.1 mm thin yet strong material makes them ideal for gymnastics rings, kettlebells and rowing, providing the necessary grip for any workout scenario.

Superior Comfort and Durability: Reinforced with high-tech fibers, these grips offer a comfortable experience without sacrificing grip.

For Every Athlete: Tailored to support athletes across all levels and weight classes, the ALL TERRAIN grips are designed to enhance and elevate performance and adapt to all training and competition needs.

This product includes: All Terrain Grips, Wrist bands and anti-odor transport bag.



Velites All Terrain Hand Grips Orange

£47.99 Regular Price
£37.99Sale Price
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