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The Velites Fire 2.0 Jump Rope is designed for those seeking an ultralight jump rope to enhance their double unders and speed. Crafted with high-quality aluminum to make it the most durable and lightweight option on the market. It also includes an Allen key in the cap so you can adjust the length to your needs at any time.

ULTRALIGHT, SO YOU CAN FLY: Thanks to its high-quality aluminum construction, it's incredibly lightweight and durable, making it the perfect choice for your double unders and high-intensity workouts.

MOLETE GRIP FOR ADDED SECURITY: Its texture is similar to weightlifting bars, ensuring optimal control even when you start sweating.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR JUMPING EXPERIENCE:  cables are interchangeable, so you can choose the thickness based on your training goals.

ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT JUMP ROPE: This jump rope is designed to grow with you. You can add additional weights (not included) ranging from 25 to 100 grams to improve your skills and seek new challenges in every workout. Ideal for crosstraining, boxing, fitness, and martial arts.

ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS WITH THE VELITES TRAINING APP: We want to help you improve your jumping technique and reach your fitness goals. That's why, with the purchase of the Velites Fire 2.0 Jump Rope, you'll gain exclusive access to the Velites Training app, which offers hundreds of workouts, programs, and training designed to help you effectively and enjoyably achieve your goals.

Velites Fire 2.0 Competition Jump Rope Silver

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