Bilateral Crossover System

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Last set for sale. Green, Blue and Black resistance bands only (no red and yellow)

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The Bilateral Crossover System are sheathed in a concerting nylon to protect from the elastic rubbing and snapping back if the band were to ever break. The sleeve also helps in extending the lifetime of the interior tubing as with natural light and exposed to the elements along with sweat and other daily environmental forces the interior would break down.

When using the Bilateral Crossover System correctly, it can help with strengthening your stabilising muscles around the shoulder area which are often neglected areas of training especially in Functional Fitness training. The movements practiced are designed to repeat natural positions and movements that are used within most sports and day to day activities.


Kit included

3 pairs of resistance bungees

1 pair of interchangeable handles

1 Pair of loop handles

1 Door Wedge (for portable use)

Wall poster

Weight 9000 g