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Kettlebells and Cupcakes Knee Sleeves
A new addition to our Kettlebells and cupcakes range!
These 7mm neoprene knee sleeves ideal for all your training needs. Light weight and comfortable giving you the extra support in your squats, pistols and cleans but comfortable enough to run in too.
Measurements - these are taken without stretch, hopefully it will let you determine which size will work best for you.
Measurement taken from inside the sleeve
Top measurement would be the thigh approx. one hand width above the knee.
Lower measurement approx. 4 finger width below the knee.
Small -  top 29cm/ lower 26cm /length 23cm
Medium - top 32cm/ lower 29cm /length 24cm
Large -  top 34cm/ lower 31cm/ length 26cm
Handy mesh bag included.

Kettlebells and Cupcakes Knee Sleeves

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